David Simard
Mortgage Agent B.A., C.Ph. 
Your Choice in the Ottawa Region!
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Mortgage Agent Licence # M11000033. Operating Under Capital Mortgages Inc. Brokerage Licence # 10575

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About Us

Operating as an independent agent under Verico, Capital Mortgages Inc., Ottawa Mortgage Services is truly a service oriented group.  Built on integrity, honesty and hard work...  we are dedicated to analyzing your financial needs and finding you the most suitable/competitive products on the market.

David Simard began his financial career working in a chartered bank.  He would do as much as he could for his clients, but often felt that his services were limited by working for only one financial institution.  To better serve his clients, he decided to become an independent mortgage agent. Ottawa Mortgage Services was founded, and a genuine, service-oriented approach was more easily administered.

~ A mortgage broker is no longer the “lender of last resort”! Actually we are the first choice of the educated borrower!

(1) 85% of all people in the USA use a mortgage broker, and while these numbers are much lower in Canada (around 30%), we are heading in the right direction.

(2) I shop around for the best rates and products from over 20 different banks, credit unions and trust companies, including; FirstLine (CIBC), Toronto Dominion, Scotia, Merix (RBC), National Bank, MCAP (BMO), Home Trust, Xceed and ING. I also have access to various "B" and private lenders, when traditional sources just won't work.

(3) My services are free as the bank pays me a finder’s fee. The industry is changing and banks now have to compete for business, so they value my referrals. Keep in mind that they spend millions of dollars operating their many branches, plus internal staffing and layers of management, so they can afford to offer deep discounts for the business we bring to them.

(4) Isn't it time that the banks compete for your mortgage business? Why would you want to settle for just one opinion?

(5) Your bank very rarely gives you the best rates and products. Most homeowners renew their mortgage every four or five years automatically, so they rarely receive the most competitive options. Since we send lenders millions of dollars of new business each month, they always offer us the deepest discounts, which, I can then pass on to you... whether you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing.  

(6) My application process is simple and quick. I’ll just take a little information, and send it electronically to the lenders that I feel are the best fit for your situation. I should have some feedback later that day or the next!

(7) I’m available on your terms! Isn’t it frustrating when a bank takes several days to get back to you, and then you have to make your way through their endless voice mail boxes.

(8) I only take one credit bureau and forward it to all the lenders.

(9) There’s a mortgage product available for almost everyone now. When a person’s situation isn’t ideal, there’s usually a story about why. Maybe they changed jobs, maybe they went through a divorce or another life-altering event and their credit was affected. It is my job to tell your story to the lender that will qualify you.

(10) I sincerely appreciate your business and want to do a good job for YOU, because THAT IS MY JOB!

(11) I am a certified Expert. Most bank employees are not certified, and only know about their own bank’s products. They do not know and cannot advise you to go to another lender where you could get qualified. You wouldn’t go to your G.P. if you needed a specialist. Deal with a mortgage expert specializing in mortgages from all lenders.

(12) I work for you... not the banks. I don’t get
paid unless I fund your mortgage with a lender that is giving you the product that you need, and I have no interest in getting the lender more interest on your mortgage, as the higher the interest, the lower the amount I can qualify you for. YOUR BEST INTERESTS ARE MY NUMBER ONE CONCERN!